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Additional Glossary of A2 Christian Terminology

AdoptionismThe heretical view that Jesus was adopted as `Son of God' at some
point during his ministry (usually his baptism), as opposed to the Orthodox teaching
that Jesus was Son of God by nature from the moment of conception.

AnthropomorphismThe tendency to ascribe human…

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EschatologyThe section of Christian theology dealing with the `end things',
especially the ideas of resurrection, hell and eternal life.

EucharistThe term used in the present volume to refer to the sacrament variously
known as `the mass', `the Lord's Supper' and `holy communion'.

FeminismA movement in western theology since the 1960s…

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PentecostThe feast which celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of

PraxisA Greek term, literally meaning the `action', adopted by Karl Marx to
emphasise the importance of action in relation to thinking. This emphasis on `praxis'
has had considerable impact within Latin American liberation theology.



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