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By Jenna Walker…read more

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`the greatest happiness for the greatest number'…read more

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Rule Utilitarianism
· Strong rule utilitarianism: certain rules have
universal value and should always be kept e.g.
it is wrong to kill somebody under any
· Weak rule utilitarianism: there will be some
circumstances where rules should be bent or
ignored to give the most happiness…read more

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Act Utilitarianism
· Works on the principle that each situation is
uniquely different so previous knowledge is
relevant, but not essential in finding the
solution to the scenario.…read more

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Other types..
· Negative Utilitarianism: argues that
maximising pleasure is not as important as
minimising pain, the priority is to reduce
suffering in the world
· Preference utilitarianism: works on the
principle that people are happiest if given the
opportunity to exercise their preferences…read more

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· Jesus preached: `love thy neighbour as thyself'
· The motives can be good or bad but it is the
outcome that has the effect on human well-
· The majorities interest is taken into
consideration ­ not the dangerous minority
· Situations are different
· Process eliminates evil…read more

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