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Paragraphing your
written exam response.
Can the way you use
paragraphs get you a higher
grade?…read more

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An above `C' response will:
Organise and present whole texts
effectively, sequencing and structuring
information, ideas and events
Construct paragraphs and use cohesion
within and between paragraphs.…read more

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Why do we use paragraphs?
To guide the reader through the text
To make meaning clear
To create a logical order
New time
New place
New topic
To change speaker…read more

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What is a topic sentence?
A good paragraph will start with a
strong topic sentence. A topic
sentence is a signpost to the
reader, stating clearly what the
paragraph is about.…read more

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What is a link phrase?
A good paragraph often includes a
link phrase or word. A link phrase
is an idea or a key word taken
from the previous paragraph.…read more

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Read the paragraphs and identify
the link phrase in paragraph 2
The vast expanse of desert stretched before me, with
the distant promise of my destination silhouetted in
the hazy morning sun. The mountainous ledges of
sand, so familiar to me now, beckoned me on whilst
dwarfing my feeble frame. The golden sun was rising
on yet another day of torturous trudging, through this
barren wasteland, with one destination in mind,
Castle Callisto.
That beautiful castle, always in the distance, teasing
me...I had been walking for three days now and was
beginning to feel weaker and weaker. The landscape
was a burnt orange wilderness broken by tormenting
shadows of blackness, like phantoms ready to strike.…read more

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