USA: Society In The 1920s

Society in 1920s America, as part of the USA 1919-1941 USA Depth Study for OCR History GCSE

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THE USA, 1919 ­ 1941:
OCR History GCSE: Depth Studies…read more

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· Millions of Americans went to the cinema each week to
watch new stars such as Charlie Chaplin
· Jazz music became a craze
· The Black Renaissance: talented blacks came into the
spotlight, this began an era of whites understanding
blacks' feelings
· Cinema made sex seem much more acceptable…read more

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· After World War 1, women were given the vote in the USA
· Fashion ­ women were wearing knee length, waist less
dresses and had shorter hair
· They began smoking
· The invention of the all-in-one bathing suit
· Women could drive
· They were slowly becoming equal to men
· These women were known as flappers
· However, many people disapproved of these women…read more

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The Red Scare
· A fear of communism ­ mainly due to communist powers
in Russia
· Red Scare increased after bombs were set off in 1919
· Immigrants were not welcomed as warmly as they had
been in the late 1800s
· Thousands of people were arrested
· Italian radicals Sacco and Vanzetti were executed for
murder, many people believe they were innocent of this
crime and were only executed because they were foreign…read more

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· In 1921, the USA tried to slow down the number of
immigrants entering the country with their first Immigration
· Only a set number of immigrants were allowed in, in
proportion to the number of people who had been in
America in 1910 of the same nationality
· In 1924, this number was reduced
· In 1929, only 150,000 immigrants per year were allowed
to enter the country
· No Asians at all were permitted…read more

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Ku Klux Klan
· Started in 1860s after American civil war
· Aimed to terrorise black ex-slaves
· By 1925, there were approximately 5 million members
· Believed white protestants were original American citizens
and were better than everyone else
· They were Anti-Jew, Anti-Catholic and Anti-Foreigner
· In 1921, the immigration law made it hard for the KKK to
criticize the government
· Reputation of the KKK was damaged by the Klan leader
who murdered a young woman
· As the Boom grew, the KKK were less attractive as
people were happier…read more

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