How has life changed for women in the 1920s

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  • How far was the USA a divided society in the 1920s? WOMEN
    • How life didn't change,
      • Paid less than men in jobs in the USA,
      • Most women are still leading the lives of mothers and still controlled by the church- getting married at 13 with children,
      • They had no political power and no women stood in the election,
    • How life changed,
      • For women in cities, middle and upper class were allowed to vote,
      • They were allowed to smoke and drink in public,
      • Women could drive which is shy Ford started making cars in different colours,
      • Women were allowed to divorce their husbands if the marriage was unhappy,
      • More women took on a job in the USA
      • Flappers were created- short skirts, bobbed hair, flat chests, danced the Charleston and drive a 'Tin Lizzie,


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