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Universities and the Extended Project Qualification
In UCAS terms it is equivalent to half an A level, ie: A* = 70
points, A=60, B=50, C=40, D=30, E=20.
For those offers based on points the EPQ will be accepted.
Some of the selective universities tend to regard it as a
discriminator (one of many) rather than including it in their
Others are beginning to use it as part of an alternative offer
eg: AAA or AAB and an A in EPQ.
Its real value is in the personal statement, to demonstrate
a students capacity for independent learning and their
enthusiasm for a particular subject.…read more

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Universities and the Extended Project Qualification
Cambridge View of EPQ
"We welcome the introduction of the Extended
Project and would encourage you to undertake one
as it will help you develop independent study and
research skills and ease the transition from
school/college to higher education. Completion of an
Extended Project will not, however, be a
requirement of any offer made."
2010 Entry Prospectus…read more

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University of Oxford policy
"Where applicants have undertaken the EPQ the
University will not make this a condition for an offer
(as the EPQ is not a compulsory element of post-16
study) but recognises that the EPQ will provide an
applicant with the opportunity to develop research
and academic skills relevant for study at Oxford.
Candidates are encouraged to draw upon their
experience of undertaking the project when writing
their personal statement, particularly if the topic is
allied to their chosen degree course."…read more

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University of Warwick policy
"Applicants presenting the Extended Project
are encouraged to discuss their research
project in their personal statement and
reflect on how undertaking the project will
help prepare them for studying their
chosen degree at Warwick. Where a
department typically makes offers which
include a fourth subject at AS level the
Extended Project will normally be
considered in lieu of this requirement."…read more

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University of Bristol policy
"The University is supportive of the requirement for
Diploma students to undertake an Extended Project
as part of their Diploma programme ... [and]
recognises that some A Level students may also
choose to offer the Extended Project. In such cases
some admissions tutors may make two alternative
offers, one of which involves success in the
Extended Project (e.g. either AAA at A Level or AAB
at A Level plus Extended Project)."…read more

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University of Sheffield policy
"We ... encourage students to complete an EPQ,
where possible, as we value the development of
skills in independent study and research, which an
EPQ can offer. [...] Undertaking an EPQ in the
subject that is related to the course or discipline that
you wish to progress into at the University will ...
provide useful additional preparation and may be
taken into account by admissions tutors when
making decisions between applicants of equal
academic standing. [...]."…read more


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