Unit two past paper questions and answers

Some past paper questions and some points you could write about for each one. In the exam you wouldn't need to write about all the points noted. Likewise there are other points i din't think off for each question which are just as relevant. I hope this helps and good luck :) x

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Recent Exam Questions
(There are no examples of 1a questions as these are sourcebased)
Exam One
1b Describe the problems faced by farmers in the 1920s (6)
They had overproduced
They couldn't sell abroad due to tariffs and other countries being encouraged to grow their
own food
New machinery meant not as many workers were needed
They had borrowed money during the war to buy machinery and then couldn't pay it back as
demand fell
Less cotton was needed because womens skirts got shorter
Less barley was needed due to prohibition
1c Explain the effects of prohibition in the USA in the 1920s (8)
Farmers struggled as less barley was needed
Gangsters would supply illegal alcohol
People would go to illegal bars called speakeasies
There were 400 gang related murders in Chicago in 1929
Nobody was arrested because they could bribe police
1d Explain why there was opposition to Roosevelt's New Deal (8)
Republicans still believed in laissezfaire
Radicals such as Huey long thought he wasn't doing enough
Businesses didn't like the regulations about pay and maximum hours
The rich didn't like the increased tax
The Supreme Court was mainly made of republican judges. They ruled some of Roosevelt's
acts as `unconstitutional'

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Explain how new consumer goods changed life for many families in the USA in the 1920s (8)
Motor cars meant people could live in suburbs
More people had radios and could hear news and adverts
It made life easier, especially women with the development of vacuum cleaners and other
Women could go out to work
2b Explain why the US economy crashed after 1929 (8)
People had too much confidence in the stock market
People had bought shares `on margin'
People had taken…read more

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Made it fashionable to owe money
o Everyone could buy goods
o People wanted what they saw
o They were everywhere
o This lead to the other factors mentioned above
3b Was the setting up of alphabet agencies the most successful way Roosevelt dealt with the
depression ? (other factors fireside chats, 2nd New Deal, responding to the war in Europe) (16)
The alphabet agencies
o Emergency relief
o Increased confidence
o Unemployment went down
o Faced a lot of opposition
Fireside chats…read more

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He taught it intentionally to get a trial
The trial was broadcast all over the country
Despite the coverage and the protests he was fined $100 and the law wasn't changed until
1c Explain the effects of the Bonus March on the USA (8)
Showed how many people were suffering
Showed Hoover as uncaring
One of the reasons Hoover was not reelected
1d Explain why the 30s was a difficult time for farmers and farmworkers in the USA (8)
They had overproduced
They couldn't…read more

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o People wanted what they saw
o Encouraged people to buy
Women's position
o They wanted to work so they had money to spend
o They were going out to clubs and racecourses
Economic prosperity
o Confidence in the system
o People had more money to spend
3b Was the opposition of the Supreme Court the most difficult problem faced by Roosevelt between
193541 (other factors the need to provide social security, radical critics like Huey Long,
unemployment) (16)
Supreme court
o Have…read more

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