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· Laws are rules that govern humans to enable
a smooth-running society.
· In the UK, they are made by parliament and
enforced by the police and the courts.
· Under the law, we take responsibility for the
way that we choose to behave.
· Justice is due allocation of reward and
· Justice is about enforcing the laws in a way
that is fair and equal. Good acts are
rewarded and bad acts are punished.
· Justice comes from the courts to ensure that
the law is fair and acts against it are
punished.…read more

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· A crime is an act against the law.
· A sin is an act against God.
· There are certain sins that are also crimes ­
Murder and Theft
· There are some sins that are not crimes ­
· Whilst there are some crimes are not sins ­
breaking the speed limit to get someone to
hospital is a crime…read more

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1. To organise behaviour
2. Protect the weak and innocent
3. Keep us safe
4. Prevent chaos
5. Everyone is entitled to peace via the
human rights…read more

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