Religion and Society

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Peace and Conflict

Aggression- In war, this means attacking someone without provocation

Bulling- Intimidating, frighting and controlling people who are weaker than you.

Conflict Resolution- Bringing a war to an end in a way that leads to a lasting peace i.e. Treaty of Versaille (T of V).

Just War- A war that's fought in a just cause, as a last resort, with a good chance of success, and with proportionality (any harm it causes is less than the harm it's trying to prevent). And thats fought in a way that minimises civilian casualties.

Pacifism- The idea that war and physical violence are wrong under any circumstances. Pacifists believe that all disputes should be settled peacefully.

Reconciliation- When people, or groups of people, that used to be opposed to each other come together to make peace

The United Nations- An international organisation set up after world war 2 to promote peaceful solutions to disputes, to encourage global cooperation and to protect people's human rights.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D)- Weapons that can destroy large areas of land and/or lots of people all at once, e.g. Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

World Peace- An end to all violent conflict, all over the world.

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Crime and Punishment

Capital Punishment- The death penalty as punishment for a crime.

Consience- An inner feeling of what's right and what's wrong. Some christians believe that your conscience is the "voice of God".

Crime- An act that breaks a state law.

Deterrance- The idea that if a punishment is sufficiently bad in some way, it will put people off (or deter them from) committing the crime.

Forgiveness- Stopping being angry with someone about something they've done wrong.

Justice- The idea of each person getting what they deserve, and maintaining what's right.

Law- A rule made by parliament and enforced by the courts that's designed to protect people's right.

Reform- The idea that punishment should aim to change criminals so that they won't reoffend once their punishment is over.

Rehabilitation- Preparing someone for a return to a normal life.

Retribution- The idea that punishment is a way of taking revenge on someone, of making them 'pay' for an injury they've caused.

Sin- An act that breaks a religious law, i.e. when God's teaching is disobeyed.

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