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By Aimee
Unit 3 ­
Peace and Conflict…read more

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Causes of war
Resources ­ e.g. oil
Unfair equality
Debt or economics
Disagreement over political views
National pride
Self defence
Fear…read more

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Weapons of mass
These are weapons that can destroy a large
amount of land and kill huge amounts of
people. They pose a great threat to world
peace due to the massive destruction and
tremendous losses they cause.
Nuclear bombs are based on atomic fission
or fusion.
Other types of non-nuclear weapons that
have a similar killing impact are chemical or
biological. Chemical weapons include
poisonous gas whilst biological weapons
include diseases like anthrax.…read more

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Christian views on war
1. To fight for peace or equality.
2. New testament continually encourages
Christians to seek peace.
3. Jesus ­ "Blessed are the peace makers, for
they shall be called the children of God."
4. Jesus told his disciple"...if you don't have a
sword, sell your cloak and buy one." this
means that sometimes violence may be
5. Lesser of two evils, help protect innocent
6. Some Christians claim that it is right to have…read more

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