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GENETIC DIVERSITY: The variety of genes possessed
by the individuals that make up any one species.
ECOSYSTEM DIVERSITY: The range of different
habitats within a particular area.…read more

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· "The number of different species and the number of individuals of each
species within any one community."
· D= species diversity
· N= Total number of organisms
· n= Total number of organisms
Of each species.
· The higher the value of d the greater the diversity.
Species diversity is useful when comparing two different habitats because
the number of species may be the same but the species diversity gives a
bigger picture.…read more

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·Biodiversity reflects how well an ecosystem functions
·The higher the species diversity the more stable the ecosystem is.…read more

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· In these environments species diversity is low
· Only a few species can adapt to the harsh
· Unstable ecosystem
· Dominated by climatic factors
· Examples- Desert and Arctic Tundra…read more

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· High species diversity
· Stable Ecosystem
· Dominated by living organsims
· Many different environments
· Examples- Rainforests and coral reefs…read more

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