Overview of AQA Sociology AS - unit 1

Revision notes for Sociology AS unit 1 (Families and Households)

This is recommended for after you have read through the text book etc. as it is an overview and doesn't explain in detail.

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Overview of AS Sociology unit 1
Sampling Methods:
Probability ­ random, systematic, stratified
Non-probability ­ snowball, quota, self-selected/volunteer
Research Methods:
Covert Participant Observation (eg. Patrick ­ Glasgow Gangs):
`going native' (get caught up in gang life)
Deception of participants (ethical issues)
Need to have a good memory
`guilty knowledge' (if the researcher sees something illegal they should report it to police
but it could compromise research)
Takes a lot of time
`Getting in' and `getting out' (the problem of gaining access to the group)
High validity
Covert Non-Participant Observation (eg. Humphreys ­ Tearoom Trade):
`guilty knowledge'
Overt Non-Participant Observation (eg. Ofsted):
Demand characteristics eg. Hawthorne effect
Low validity
Zaretsky's view of the family:
Raises the next generation of workers
Unit of consumption
Provides emotional support (keeps workers happy to work another day)
Provides outlet for frustration/anger/resentment (domestic violence)
Socialises children into obedience (for school and work)
Engles ­ family provides legitimate heirs needed to pass on wealth
Jessie Bernard ­ `Two Marriages' men and women experience marriage differently. Husbands are
healthier, happier + live longer and have less mental health issues that single men, while wives are
less happy, have more stress and more mental health issues than single women.
Feminists: We are socialised into gender roles
Liberal - March of progress:
Equal Pay Act 1970
Sex Discrimination Act 1975

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More equal domestic labour division
Education and job/career opportunities for women
Family is still oppressive and patriarchal
Advocate political lesbianism and separateness
Young and Willmott trend towards symmetrical families. BUT Gatrell said that men `cherry pick'
domestic work; and Anne Oakley + Boulton say that Y+M had suspect methods/were wrong.
Elizabeth Bott joint vs.…read more


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