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Biology Unit 1 ­ Section 3.1.…read more

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Obesity ­ if someone is overweight the risk is higher
· Physical activity ­ more of this lowers risk
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Sunlight ­ more someone is exposed to sunbeds or sunlight (without sun cream) the greater
the risk
Factors that increase the risk of CHD
· If you smoke
· If you have high blood pressure
· If your blood cholesterol is high
· If you're obese
· Diet ­ if you have a high amount of salt this increases blood pressure which increases the
risk and if you have a high amount of saturated fatty acids this increases blood cholesterol
which increases risk
· If…read more

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Biology Unit 1 ­ Section 3.1.2
Main parts of the digestive system
(image from teachpe.com)
Roles of the major parts of the digestive system
· Mouth ­ starts carbohydrate digestion by adding amylase in saliva to it braking large
carbohydrates down into maltose
· Stomach ­ contains enzymes (proteases) which digest proteins breaking them down into
amino acids. It also produces a lot of mucus to prevent the stomach itself from getting
digested by its own enzymes
· Small intestine ­ where most digestion happens.…read more


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