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Types of research methods
By Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch…read more

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Laboratory experiment
· Independent variable directly altered by experimenter. All
extraneous variables are tightly controlled
· Dependant variable is observed and recorded
· Participants are randomly allocated to conditions…read more

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Field experiment
· IV is manipulated but the study occurs outside creating higher
chance of extraneous variables influencing the DV…read more

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Natural experiment
· IV not altered by experimenter but influenced by nature
· Extraneous variables are controlled but the extent to which, is
determined by environment the experiment is conducted in…read more

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Studies using a correlation
· 2 DV's linked together but cause and effect can't be established…read more

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1. Conduct a pilot study
2. Form observation categories
3. Make sure they are clear
4. Check for inter rater reliability using correlations…read more

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