Types of Feminism

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Radical Marxist Feminism Liberal Feminism
Society is Men Men and capitalists Largely by men who
controlled by: (ruling class) have most power but
women do have some
Society is defined Patriarchal/maled Patriarchal Democratic but is
as: ominated also sexist.
Men Men in general but Nobody. Gender
Who benefits from in particular the stereotypes mean
the inequalities of ruling class. It that men miss out on
society? exploits women as childcare and women
workers and as miss out on public life.
Main ideas behind Women are Men's financial Socialization into
the theory: dominated to men power keeps gender roles and
due to biology and women in their sexist discrimination
men use violence place. Women do restricts women's job
or ideology to more unpaid work opportunities.
control women. and therefore are
more financially
dependent on men.
Solutions to the Radical change Communist Gradual reform.
exploitation of revolution or Getting rid of sexism
women: economic equality. in socialization.
Idea of patriarchy Places too much Lacks a theory of the
Criticisms: is too broad and emphasis on underlying causes of
doesn't explain economic factors. inequality.
how women are
inequality and fails
to see
development of
greater equality.
Types of Feminism


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