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Rachel Jones 1
Chapter 2

The Reign of Queen Mary, 155558
Haigh: `to the surprise and embarrassment of those politicians and local leaders who had supposed that there
was no choice but to obey Northumberland, Mary was swept to power by a revolution'

The Personality and Policies of Mary I…

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Rachel Jones 2
Chapter 2

o Only English candidate
o Potential threat of factional rivalry husband's family would become more influential
o Lacked courtly skills
o Backed by Bishop Gardiner knew Spanish marriage would offend public opinion but no other clear
Philip II of Spain
o Mary's clear favourite…

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Rachel Jones 3
Chapter 2

o Wyatt marched on London, hoping to dissuade Mary or stage a coup and replace her with Elizabeth
o Duke of Norfolk was sent to deal with it but that failed
o Mary fortified London awaiting the rebels
o Wyatt crossed at Kingston but…

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Rachel Jones 4
Chapter 2

Gardiner insisted that Pole must bring confirmation of the continued ownership of the lands in
secular hands
Failure to do so could result in parliamentary blocking of the return of Catholicism
Julius and Pole insisted that the English Church should submit to Rome first and…

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Rachel Jones 5
Chapter 2

o Strategy appears to have misfired burning Rogers and Taylor due to their popularity as preachers
only evoked public sympathy
Burning people of humble status only seems to have strengthened the impact of their
o The Council's worry is evident in their attempt to…

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Rachel Jones 6
Chapter 2

Mary's intimate circle made up of the Kenninghall faction who had remained devoted to her during Edward's
reign limited role in Council
Number of working councillors was relatively small and cohesive skilful administration
o Kept some of the councillors who had served Edward (Paget, Paulet,…

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Rachel Jones 7
Chapter 2

o Elizabeth also reaped the benefit from the introduction of a new Book of Rates in 1558 which raised
customs revenue dramatically
Alan Smith: the Marian reforms `were fundamental for Elizabeth's solvency and thus for the
Elizabethan achievement as a whole'


Full scale recoinage…

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Rachel Jones 8
Chapter 2

o Pope Paul IV's withdrawal of the legatine commission from Pole which made it much more difficult
for the Cardinal to implement his policies
o Counterproductive nature of the policy of burning heretics
Loades: `quite suddenly what had appeared to be a discredited movement had…


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