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Triple Biology
Revision…read more

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Respiration…read more

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Aerobic Respiration
· Takes place in cells
· Uses oxygen to release the energy stored
in food chemicals
glucose + oxygen carbon dioxide + water (+ energy
C6H12O6 + O2 CO2 + H 2O…read more

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What happens to the energy
· The energy is used to make a chemical ATP.
· When ATP breaks down, the energy released
is used directly to contract muscle tissue
· "Normal" breathing and pulse rates are given
within a range
· When you exercise faster, muscle cells
respire faster to provide extra energy for
movement => increase rate of:
­ oxygen supply
­ carbon dioxide
­ glucose supply…read more

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Anaerobic Respiration
· Takes place in cells where there is not enough
oxygen ­ beneficial to humans and animals!
glucose lactic acid (+ energy released)
· Produces less energy per glucose molecule
· Lactic acid builds up in muscles = > sore and
· Oxygen debt = oxygen is needed to break
down lactic acid and release the energy left in
it…read more

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Circulation…read more

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