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1950-69 Reaction and Reform
Did the actions of the federal government after 1950 promote the
consolidation of trade union rights?
Was the US in the 1950's really an `affluent society'?
Gross National Product Scientific developments/new technology
60% of American families owned their own The number of hours and workers needed…

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Did the policies of successive federal administrations in the 1960's
support the further development of labour rights?
Kennedy's `New Frontier' (1960-3)
`New Frontier' ­ reform at home and victory abroad

Kennedy's ambitious social reform was only partly successful due to his lack of support in congress.
For example, the bill…

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Union Gains in the 1960's
Following the merger between the AFL-CIO in 1955, American unions began to bargain over wages
and working conditions with some success ­ wages rose steadily, and union workers earnt around
20% more than non-union workers.
Unions also won a list of benefits including medical and…

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