Trade Union and Labour Civil Rights Timeline

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Trade Union and Labour Rights 1865-
The beginning: TUs had no rights, and employers were under no legal obligation to recognise them
There are few labour rights
1869: *The Knights of Labour founded
1886: *The Haymarket Affair
1890: *The Sherman Anti-Trust Act
1892: *The Homestead Strike
1894: *The Pullman Strike
1900-1920: *Trade Union membership went from 500,000 to 5 million
1903: *Women's Trade Union League founded
1905: *Locher vs New York
1910s: *The beginning of the 'Red Scare'
1914: *Clayton Act
1917-1918: *Production increased due to WW1
1920s: *A boom
1925: *Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Maids founded
1928: *Congress of Industrial Organisations founded
1930s: *The Great Depression
1933: *National Industry Recovery Act
1935: *The Wagner Act
1938: *The Fair Standards Labour Act
1940s: *McCarthyism (Red Scare)
1941: *Executive Order 8802
1941-1945: *Production increased due to WW2
1947: *Taft-Hartley Act
1955: *AFL and CIO merged
1955-1975: *The Vietnam War
1963: *Equal Pay Act
1964: *Civil Rights Act
1967: *Age Discrimination in Employment Act
1967: *Increase in minimum wage
1968: *New York Teachers Strike
1969: *Affirmative Action
1972: *The Major League Baseball Strike
1974: *Labour Union of Women established
1981: *Air Traffic Controllers Strike
The end: TUs have legal rights BUT have no power or influence
All labour rights have been established


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