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Topic 2 ­ Interactionism &
Labeling…read more

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Definitions of crime and deviance
· CRIME : Anything you do that breaks the laws of society and is
punishable by the legal system.
· DEVIANCE: Behaviour which goes against the norms, values and
expectations of a society.…read more

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What acts can be considered...
Criminal Act Not a criminal act
Deviant act · Murder · Public nudity
· Stealing · Murder in times of war
· Kidnap · (before 1991) marital rape
· Rape · Suicide
· (as of 2015) Revenge porn · Swearing
· Major speeding · Que cutting/jumping
Not a deviant act · Minor speeding · Socially acceptable law abiding
· Underage drinking behaviour.
· Illegal downloads & streaming
· Murder in self-defence
· Minor thieft from a company…read more

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The Social constitution of crime ­ labelling
Becker ­ Interactionist approach:
· Social groups create deviance
· A deviant is simply someone to whom the label has been successfully applied,
and deviant behaviour is simply behaviour that people so label.
· Deviant behaviour is behaviour that people so label.
Labelling theorists:
· How and why certain acts come to be defined or labelled as criminal
· No act is inherently criminal or deviant in itself.
· Definition of crime is socially constructed…read more

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· Look at individual social interactions and meanings within society
· Take a MICRO APPROACH ­ look at the small aspects of social life
· Take a BOTTOM-UP APPROACH ­ see individuals as having power and
autonomy in society, our behaviour and actions are not simply
governed by social institutions.…read more

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· Becker argues that there are people in society called Moral
Entrepreneurs who want to influence ideas of what's right and wrong
in society, and try to change the law to reflect their views.
· Moral Entrepreneurs go on moral crusades and campaigns in an attempt to
change the law. ­ This requires the use of platforms (TV, newspaper, social
· Becker argues people who are alienated by these new ideas and laws
become outsiders and feel marginalised from society.
> this leads to the labelling theory.…read more

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