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Assess the contribution of interactionist theory and research to our understanding of society

Interactionist perspective focuses on social reaction to look for meanings which will enable people to
understand society. Interactionist perspective, compared to the positive perspective, is a micro
approach; this means data is collected on a smaller…

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Atkinson also studied suicide. Atkinson studied the role of coroner's definition of suicide. For
research, Atkinson used participant observation where he observed coroners who were trying to
find out the type of death and Atkinson looked for indicators of suicide, i.e. suicide notes, types of
death: hanging, mode of death,…

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Methods used by interactionists aim to collect Micro data. This is data on a small scale. Examples of a
type of method that would do this are: Natural/field experiments. This is when data is collected in
respondent's natural surroundings. A benefit of this type of data is that it allows…


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