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"If you can find money to kill people you
can find money to help people."
-Tony Benn
Tony Wedgewood Benn
By Aliyah Holder…read more

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Background Information...
· Born Anthony Wedgewood Benn in 1925, the 2nd
Viscount Stansgate.
· He was educated at Westminster School and
Lloyd George
Oxford University ­ studying Philosophy, politics
and Economics
· Was elected President of the Oxford Union in
· Became a BBC producer then MP aged 25
Ramsay · His father William was a liberal but moved to
MacDonald the Labour Party
· From 1945 to 1946, His father was the Secretary
of State for Air in the first majority Labour
· Both his grandfathers, John Benn and Daniel
Holmes, were also Liberal MPs (for Tower
Hamlets, Devonport and Glasgow Govan).
· He met Ramsay MacDonald when he was five
David Lloyd George when he was 12
Mahatma Ghandi and Mahatma Ghandi in 1931, while his father
was Secretary of State for India.
· Joined the RAF in July 1943 and served as a
pilot in South Africa and Rhodesia.…read more

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Political Views...
· He believed in freedom of information and
opposed violent intervention and Nuclear
· Left wing Radical who "loathed" the EEC and
claimed it was "bureaucratic and
centralised" and "dominated by Germany".
· "Defence, colour television, Concorde,
rocket development ­ these are all issues
raising economic considerations that reveal
this country's basic inability to stay in the
big league. We just can't afford it." ­Tony
Benn January 1965
· He publicly supported Sinn Fein
· Benn's philosophy consisted of a form
of syndicalism, economic planning, greater
democracy in the structures of the Labour
Party and observance of Party conference
decisions by the Party leadership.
· Since leaving Parliament, Benn has become
involved in the grass-roots politics of
demonstrations and meetings.
· Has been the President of the Stop the War
Coalition for the last decade.…read more

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Policies and Actions...
· The Peerage Act 1963, allowing
renunciation of peerages, became law shortly
after 6 pm on 31 July 1963. Benn was the first
peer to renounce his title, at 6.22 pm that day.
· Benn was Postmaster General, where he
oversaw the opening of the Post Office
Tower, then the UK's tallest building, and the
creations of the Post Bus service
and Girobank.
· Benn also led the government's campaign to
close down the many off-shore pirate
radio stations of the time, a campaign that
formed the centrepiece of the 2009 film The
Boat That Rocked, and he was responsible for
introducing the Marine Broadcasting
Offences Bill which became law in 1967.
· In June 1992 he proposed
the Commonwealth of Britain Bill,
abolishing the Monarchy in favour of the
United Kingdom becoming a "democratic,
federal and secular commonwealth", a republic
with a written constitution. Which failed to be
implemented into Law.…read more

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THE END...…read more


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