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Why did Mrs Thatcher win the 1979 election?

By the time Callaghan belatedly called the election in March 1979, his government had been gravely
damaged by the continual economic and financial crises, rising unemployment, belligerent trade
unionism and many unfortunate political misjudgements. All of these in essence can be headed…

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political pressure in policy. Their majority never rose above three in the commons, which was a
massive hindrance to the party. Of the government's political misjudgements, the most serious was
its treatment of the minority parties on whom its continuation in office came to depend due to the
slim majority.…

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and fresh (helped of course by the campaign being fuelled by Saatchi and Saatchi). Although the
Labour government managed to repay much of the loan on the IMF, and move the balance of
payments into surplus along with lowering inflation, the government ultimately failed due to the lack
of control…


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