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Prejudice is a massive Racism is common throughout
factor throughout the the whole book because of the
whole book. This is shown Tom Robinson case Atticus
from how white people took on. This shows how
view black people, how the prejudiced white people were
social groups immediately towards black people. This
like or dislike other social shows the ignorance of Scout
groups (The Cunninghams and Jem too as they speak to
don't like the Ewells) and the black people in the church
even how Scout and Jem as they would speak to white
view their father and Boo people.
Stereotyping and social
groups are a reasonable factor
Justice and injustice of course link into all of in the book. According to Jem
these different themes. Racism is classed as there are "four kinds of folk"
injustice for example, along with the Tom which created the main social
Robinson case and its outcome. The book groups and class groups in
shows Scout and Jem growing up into the Maycomb. It is also assumed
injustice of the world and being thrown that all Cunninghams-for
right into the middle of it with their father example-are the same.
being the centre of it all.…read more

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Atticus's views of others.
·The Ewells are the "Disgrace of Maycomb" (pg 36) and have been for generations.
·Atticus thinks "I couldn't have got along without (Calpurnia) all these years" (pg 142)
and "she's a faithful member of this family" (pg 142)
·Scout "doesn't come up to scratch half the time, but she tries" (pg 94)
·He believes Boo Radley should be left alone at the start (pg 55) but at the end he is very
grateful towards him "Thank you for my children." (pg 283).
·Atticus feels it his duty to defend Tom Robinson otherwise he "Couldn't hold my head
up in town" if he didn't. (pg 81) He also believes they are "clean living folk" (pg 81) who
don't deserve what the Ewells have brought upon them.
·White people that take advantage of black people are "trash" (pg 227)
·Aunt Alexandra began to irritate Atticus slightly and he began to show it. "It was a quiet
digging in, never outright irritation" (pg 162)…read more

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Other's views of Atticus
· Negroes respect Atticus because of what he did for Tom. They know a white
man wouldn't normally do that. "They `preciate what you did" (pg 219)
· Miss Maudie respects Atticus and doesn't think of him as an old man "there's
life in him yet" (pg 96) She knows he is a good man "We're so rarely called on to
be good Christians, but when we are, we've got men like Atticus to go for us."
(pg 221)
· Mr Underwood agrees with Atticus and his defence. He looks out for Atticus.
"Had you covered all the time" (pg 161)
· Bob Ewell thinks Atticus stole his "last shred of credibility" (pg 224) by
humiliating him in the court room. Bob may have won the case but everyone
knows inside that he lost.
· Jem thinks "Atticus is a gentleman" (pg 105) after the "One-shot Finch"
incident. Before he thought he was "feeble" (pg 95) like Scout did.
· Mayella is scared of Atticus but doesn't understand that when he speaks politely
to her he doesn't mean to mock her.
· "a mixture of terror and fury" (pg 194)…read more

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Scout's views of her family
· Uncle Jack was "one of the few men of science who never terrified me" (pg 84) but
he "was a prince of a fellow" (pg 95)
· Francis is "the most boring child I ever met." (pg 87)
· Aunt Alexandra was "cold and there" (pg 83)throughout Scout's childhood. She is
more of a Crawford than a Finch. "She hurt my feelings and set my teeth
permanently on edge" (pg 87)
· Atticus "was feeble" (pg 95) and he "didn't do anything" "I wished he was the devil
from hell." (pg 97) However she does try to please him so clearly respects him "If I
fought Cecil I would let Atticus down" (pg 83) After the one-shot Finch incident she
changed her tune, and so did Jem. "We're scared for you" (pg 224) They worry
about Atticus because they care about him.
· Jem is seen as a play-mate more than a brother in many cases. But she does love
him and care for him. For example, she goes with him every day to Mrs Dubose's
even though Atticus says she doesn't need to. "You don't have to go with Jem, you
know" (pg 114)…read more

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Scout's views of others
· Mrs Dubose- "Jem and I hated her" (pg 105)
· "No-one with a grain of sense trusted Miss Stephanie Crawford" (pg 50)
· "Jem and I had considerable faith in Miss Maudie" (pg 50) They trust her. Scout
says "she was our friend" (pg 50) and when speaking to Miss Maudie, she says
"You're the best lady I know" (pg 51) which shows how much Scout looks up to her.
· Dill is Scout's "permanent fiancé" (pg 122) and "without him, life was unbearable"
(pg 122)
· Calpurnia "had a separate existence outside our household" (pg 131) and she was
"all angles and bones" (pg 12) Atticus says "the children love her" (pg 143) which is
· Heck Tate used to scare Scout until the court case "from that moment he ceased to
terrify me" (pg 172)…read more

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· Throughout the novel, many "mockingbirds" are revealed. This shows how Atticus saying
"it's a sin to kill a mockingbird" (pg 96) comes into effect in more cases than just shooting
· Tom Robinson is an innocent man. All he has ever done is good work for Mayella Ewell.
He comes to help when she asks. This is why he is like a mockingbird as he does nothing
wrong and has done nothing wrong.
Tom Robinson shows how racist the south was. The evidence pointed clearly against Bob
Ewell, but he still won the case. However, Bob didn't win inside & knew in his heart that
Atticus had won & taken his "last shred of credibility" (pg 224)
· Boo Radley has never been seen by anyone. He, however, watches everyone all the time.
He gives gifts to Scout & Jem. He has helped them out when they're in trouble. In this
story, Boo Radley is the main mockingbird. He is there from the beginning of the story to
the end, watching it all and doing nothing but good.
Boo Radley is a good example of prejudice. Jem & Scout assume "his hands were blood-
stained" (pg 19) & "his eyes popped" (pg 19) when they actually know nothing of him.…read more


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