To Kill A Mockingbird: Scout


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Unprejudiced, "Atticus... what's a She understands that this is an insult
and doesn't nigger-lover?" ­p114. but doesn't understand why, as she
understand believes everyone is equal.
Gets poor "Now you tell your father Miss Caroline tells Scout that she
messages not to teach you anymore" shouldn't be reading, which is silly as
from school. ­p23. it's a good thing Scout can read at such a
young age, and school should be
encouraging her to do so. Also, she gets
bad messages from Miss Gates, who is
very hypocritical, as she says Hitler's
prejudice is bad, but is prejudiced
herself against the black community.
Grows in `Atticus was right. One Scout listens to what Atticus says, and
understandin time he said you never by the end of the novel, she too
g of how to really know a man until understands how to emphasise with
emphasise you stand in his shoes and people. This also shoes she listens to
with people. walk around in them. Just what Atticus says, and learns from his
standing on the Radley teachings.
porch was enough.'
Courageous. "You don't have to go with Although she doesn't have to visit Mrs
Jem, you know." ­p114. Dubose, she does it anyway, and this is
courageous of her, because although
she's scared she stands by Jem.
Often uses `Catching Walter Scout doesn't think violence is bad, and
violence for Cunningham in the uses it to get her own back on people.
confrontation schoolyard gave me some Since Atticus dislikes violence, Scout
s. pleasure, but when I was stops fighting, but still gets angry.
rubbing his nose in the
dirt...' ­p28.
A tomboy. "You're getting more like a This, to Scout, is an insult, as she doesn't
girl every day!" ­p58. want to be girlish, and associates herself
more with boys.
`I felt the starched walls of She dislikes it when her aunt comes to
pink cotton penitentiary live with them, as Aunt Alexandra
closing in on me.' believes Scout should be more like a
lady, but Scout greatly disagrees.
Naïve and The situation with the Scout doesn't understand that the mob
thinks the mob. ­p158-161. is here to lynch Tom Robinson, but she
best of people. thinks it was the group of people from

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Tom. By her
stumbling in, and her innocence, she
makes the mob turn away.…read more


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