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How does Lee create suspense in pages 260-268?
Things tend to be scarier in the dark,
`There was no moon.' and by making it dark, the characters
cannot see what is going on.
"It is a scary place though, ain't
Scout is already stumbling around in
`I tripped on a root'
the darkness.
`We had slowed to a cautious They're going more slowly, and this
gait.' makes them seem vulnerable.
This somewhat foreshadows the idea
`Cecil Jacobs jumped in...…read more

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Both Scout and Jem are in trouble and
"Help me, Jem!"
we will them to get out safely, but there
`Jem screamed.'
is no help available to them.
Scout is trapped and can't get out, and
`I could not move.'
we still don't know what's going on.
We don't know what has happened to
`"Jem?" Jem didn't answer.'
Jem, and he can no longer help Scout.…read more


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