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Date Event Detail
Jan 1918 -Paris Peace Conference
11 Nov 1918 -Armistice Said to be a slave treaty or Diktat by German
Nov 1918 -Kaiser fled. -New government asked for ceasefire-
"stabbed Germany in the back".
-Communist Revolution in -Revolution failed.
1919 -Treaty Of Versailles 1-War Guilt Clause.…

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Jan 1934 -Hitler signs non-aggression Pact -Long term Hitler wanted West Prussia, Polish
with Poland. Corridor, Danzig.
1934 -Hitler tries to get Austria but
Mussolini stops him.
1934 -USSR join League Of Nations. -Stalin worried about Hitler.
March 1935 -Conscription reintroduced in -Breaks Treaty Of Versailles.
Germany. -Makes Germany stronger.…

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-Britain gas masks are given out. 2 trenches
built in London.
29 Sept 1938 -Munich Conference. -Daladier, Chamberlain, Mussolini and Hitler
decide Czechs fate.
-Czech Slovakia and USSR not invited.
30 Sept 1938 -Munich Agreement signed. -Hitler will receive all Sudeten land.
-"Peace in out time" 99% don't believe Hitler.…

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-Shows USSR devastation caused and Stalin
worried it will be dropped on Russia.
-USA too strong to be isolationist.
March 1946 -Iron Curtain Speech. -Indirectly leads to Truman Doctrine.
(Given by Churchill in USA) -US take on role as world policeman.
-Accept only they can stop Communism.
March -Truman Doctrine.…

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1955 -West Germany join NATO -Have money and military from US. Will they
attack E.Ger?
-W.Ger allowed own armed forces again.


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