Timeline of 1918-1955

A timeline showing important events for The Peace Settlement, The League Of Nations, The Origins Of The Cold War.

Goes from the Paris Peace Conference in January 1918 to 1955.

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Date Event Detail
Jan 1918 -Paris Peace Conference
11 Nov 1918 -Armistice Said to be a slave treaty or Diktat by German
Nov 1918 -Kaiser fled. -New government asked for ceasefire-
"stabbed Germany in the back".
-Communist Revolution in -Revolution failed.
1919 -Treaty Of Versailles 1-War Guilt Clause.
2-Reparations (£6.6 billion).
3-Territory lost.
4-Armed forces reduced.
5-League Of Nations
1920-1939 -League Of Nations -Idea of Woodrow Wilson.
Assembly, Council, Secretariat, -USA never joined.
World Court, Agencies.
1929 -Wall Street Crash -Great Depression in USA.
-Affected rest of the world.
-Countries rearm to fight unemployment.
-Demilitarisation Of Rhineland.
1931-1933 -Manchurian Crisis. -Japan dictatorship, Emperor Hirchito.
-China in a state of civil war:
Communists Mao
Nationalists Chiang-Kai-Shek
Independent warlords.
18 Sept 1931 -Explosion on Manchurian railway. -Japanese use as excuse to attack.
Feb 1932 -First Disarmament Conference.
1932 -League official assess situation -Decided Japan acted unlawfully.
in Manchuria.
Feb 1933 -Japanese announce they intend -Argue its self-defence.
to invade China.
24 Feb 1933 -Report from League officials -42 votes to 1 in assembly. Only Japan voted
approved. against.
27 March -Japan resigns from League. -Japan invades Jehol. League is powerless.
1933 -No one is strong enough to fight and don't
want war.
-War between Japan and China lasted 8 years
1933 -Hitler to power
-Statement: No other countries
disarmed 1920's.
May 1933 -Disarmament Conference -Hitler promises not to rearm if in 5 years all
other nations destroy arms.
June 1933 -Britain Produce Disarmament -Rejected by conference.
Oct 1933 -Hitler withdraws from -No one was willing to disarm.
Disarmament Conference.
End of 1933 -Hitler leaves League.
-Japan leaves League. -After Manchurian Crisis.

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Jan 1934 -Hitler signs non-aggression Pact -Long term Hitler wanted West Prussia, Polish
with Poland. Corridor, Danzig.
1934 -Hitler tries to get Austria but
Mussolini stops him.
1934 -USSR join League Of Nations. -Stalin worried about Hitler.
March 1935 -Conscription reintroduced in -Breaks Treaty Of Versailles.
Germany. -Makes Germany stronger.
-Other countries also rearming. -To fight unemployment.
-Italy, -------
1935 -Britain signs a Anglo-German -Allow Germany to increase navy up to 35% of
Naval Agreement. the size of Britain's navy.…read more

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Britain gas masks are given out. 2 trenches
built in London.
29 Sept 1938 -Munich Conference. -Daladier, Chamberlain, Mussolini and Hitler
decide Czechs fate.
-Czech Slovakia and USSR not invited.
30 Sept 1938 -Munich Agreement signed. -Hitler will receive all Sudeten land.
-"Peace in out time" 99% don't believe Hitler.
May 1939 -Pact Of Steel. -Alliance between Germany and Italy to help
each other in times of war.
15th March -German troops march into Czech -Hitler summons Hacha to Berlin where he is
1939 Slovakia.…read more

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Shows USSR devastation caused and Stalin
worried it will be dropped on Russia.
-USA too strong to be isolationist.
March 1946 -Iron Curtain Speech. -Indirectly leads to Truman Doctrine.
(Given by Churchill in USA) -US take on role as world policeman.
-Accept only they can stop Communism.
March -Truman Doctrine. -Made to stop Greece and Turkey falling.
1947-1952 (Any country asking for financial -Contain Communism.
or military assistance would be -Annoys Stalin =Increased tension.
given it to suppress communism). -USA major role in international politics.…read more

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West Germany join NATO -Have money and military from US. Will they
attack E.Ger?
-W.Ger allowed own armed forces again.…read more


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