The Werewolf - Quotes

Important quotations from "The Werewolf"; a short story in Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories."

If you want me to do a document analysing and explaining these quotes and showing how they can be applied to any question, send me a message!

Hope it helps with your revision, good luck with your exams! 

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The Werewolf
"They have cold weather; they have cold hearts."
"To these upland woodsmen, the Devil is as real as you or I."
"another old woman, whose black cat, oh, sinister!"
"Anyone will tell you that."
"supernumerary nipple her familiar sucks."
"They soon find it. Then they stone her to death."
"the good child does as her mother bids..."
"...take your father's hunting knife; you know how to use it."
"freezing howl of a wolf."
"red eyes and running, grizzled chops."
"let out a gulp, almost a sob..."
"less brave than they seem."
"wiped the blade of her knife clean on her apron."
"no longer a wolf's paw"
"By the wart, she knew it for her grandmother's hand"
"squawking and shrieking like a thing possessed."
"crossed herself..."
"wart... witch's nipple"
"Now the child lived in her grandmother's house; she prospered."



thank you! this is great! if you don't mind me asking, do you the quotes for the other BC stories? your resources = amazing. 

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