The Werewolf (Angela Carter) - key quotes

Some brief quotes I have selected from the text.

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The Werewolf ­ Key Quotes
`They have cold hearts.'
`Cold; tempest'
`Harsh, brief, poor lives.'
`Devil is as real as you or I.'
`Devil hold picnics in the graveyards and invites the witches'
`Anyone will tell you that.'
`Garlic on the doors keep out the vampires.'
`take your father's hunting knife; you know how to use it.'
`freezing howl of a wolf'
`huge one, with red eyes and running, grizzled chops'
`wolves are less brave than they seem.'
`leaving a trail of blood behind it.'
`wiped the blade of the knife clean on her apron'
`By the wart, she knew it for her grandmother's hand,'
`like a thing possessed.'
`crossed herself'
`wart ... a witch's nipple'
`she fell down dead.'
`she prospered.'


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