The Werewolf

Short Summary, quotes and points to think about.

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The Werewolf
A girl goes to visit her grandmother and then is attacked by a wolf, the girl
cuts its paw off, and picks it up, wrapping it in a cover, then when she gets to
her grandmothers, and goes to use the cloth the paw falls out and the girl
sees that it was a hand, she sees a mark which tells her it's her
grandmother's, and that is was her who was the werewolf. The girl then
seeing this pulls back the cover on her grandmother to see if she in fact was
missing a hand, and she was so the girl kills her and lives in her house
They have cold weather, they have cold hearts
It is a hard life
Devil is as real as you or I
Devil holds picnics in the graveyards and invited the witches
Take your father's hunting knife; you know how to use it
Freezing howl of a wolf
Wolves are less brace then they seem
Leaving a trail of blood behind it
But it was no longer a paw. It was a hand
By the wart, she knew it for her grandmother's hand
Crossed herself
At once for a witch's nipple
Pelted her with stones until she fell down dead
She prospered
Possible Question topics and bullet point answer
Subversion of gender
Female is the evil character- and victim at the same time
Evil grandmother
Hybrid as referred to as both witch and werewolf- no sympathy
allowed for the grandmother and her identity is only revealed through her
death and her granddaughters growth.

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