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FREUDIAN THEORY by Sigmund Freud

Anticathexis ­ repressing urges and desires through libidinal energy

Conscious: Superego ­ holds internalized morals that we acquire from society
Unconscious: Id ­ irrational and primitive, it seeks to fulfill sexual release and when it is denied, the
individual is frustrated…

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Civilization thwarts our most basic human instincts e.g. sexual fulfillment. Therefore man becomes
inhumane and suffers from neuroses (obsession).
Though rules and restrictions make life painful, the violation of these very rules gives us guilt so either way
we suffer torment.

The Uncanny:

Sigmund Freud's study…

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Originally the ghosts are deemed "evil" and there are a lot of sexual connotations regarding them ghosts as
being child molesters. However, as the governess' paranoia increases, we get a sense that she is the true
evil that is "corrupting" the children rather than the ghosts…

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Mrs Grose is quick to believe the borderline insane governess b/c they have a similar socio-economic
background, therefore they are somewhat equals even if the governess does not seem to think so. This
makes it easier for Mrs Grose to accept the governess' far fetched theories.…

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The governess chooses to suffer from sexual frustration and this pleases her because she knows
that by not acting upon her desires, she is staying true to the strict Victorian beliefs of the time ­
she is a "proper" woman

Humans assert their individuality by following…

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Why is the governess selfish?
She is desperate to prove herself sane, even if it results in Miles death and Flora's fever
She took the job on the basis of the salary and the "splendid" Master rather than for the orphaned
She succumbs to material…

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The narrator's repressed imagination takes control and she loses all sense of reality, becoming lost in
hallucinations of a woman in the wallpaper. Her deterioration to madness is similar to that of the
The more time the governess spends around the children, the more convinced…

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warning to the governess and terrifies her, hence why she manifests Quint who is a sexual predator
and therefore he is a sexual threat to the governess.

THE GREAT GATSBY by Scott Fitzgerald


"I hope she'll be a fool" ­ Daisy Buchanan
Women were deemed…


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