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The Thaw
Changing Greater stability Changing US Nuclear war was
personalities in in East-West leadership too dangerous
the Soviet relations and expensive
leadership for either side to
Death of Stalin New Soviet
1st March 1953, After the death NATO and the January 1953 With nuclear war
Stalin was of Stalin, Warsaw Pact Eisenhower too dangerous to
discovered in the Lavarenti Beria, meant that each became US contemplate, the
Kremlin. He was head of the side was forced President ­ he two sides would
lying on the Secret Police to accept the adopted a `New have to accept
carpet in his (and sexual other. They also Look' policy the existence of
pyjamas soaked predator), felt more secure towards the USSR each other in the
in his own urine. attempted to in their positions with an emphasis short term. As
He had suffered change foreign in Europe, so on improving Khrushchev was
a stroke. His policy direction were more relations with the the make clear,
death followed 4 by proposing a willing to attempt USSR where it `There are only
days later. re-unified, negotiations. was in the USA's two ways ­
Stalin's death neutral Germany. After WW2 there interests. either Peaceful
was viewed with His plans failed was a great deal Eisenhower was Coexistence or
great relief in the and he himself of insecurity concerned about the most
West. It resulted was arrested. because both jeopardising the destructive war
in a change in the However, his East and West USA's economic in History. There
Cold War policy had begun were attempting prosperity. is no third way.'
relations leading a softer tone in to work out their Therefore, he Nuclear weapons
to a `Thaw' in relations towards areas of wanted to had made the
relations. the West. dominance. reduce military Cold War
`Peaceful However, by spending. potentially very
coexistence' was 1949, the Greater dangerous. By
encouraged by division of reconciliation 1955 both sides
Stalin's Europe had with the USSR were in
successors; firstly become would achieve possession of the
Malenkov who entrenched. This this. hydrogen bomb,
first used this gave East-West the destructive
term in 1952, but relations a capability of
also later by degree of which was far
Khrushchev who stability. greater than the
developed it into atomic bomb
a fully formed dropped on
policy. Hiroshima.
Georgi Malenkov The arms race
(Politburo was hugely
member, Prime expensive ­ the
Minister and new leaders of
Head of the the Soviet Union
Communist Party) recognised it
embarked on a diverted much

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West, foods and raising
encouraging living standards in
better relations the USSR.
with the USA.
Beria and
Malenkov to
emerge as leader
of the Soviet
Union after the
death of Stalin.
Although a
wanted to move
away from the
brutal policies of
Stalin. At the 20th
party Congress in
1956 he
delivered a
secret speech
highly critical of
features of
Stalin's rule. His
towards the
Soviet Union
became known
developed Beria
and Malenkov's
foreign policy.…read more

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