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The Story of Adherence to
Medical Regimes…read more

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Reasons for non-adherence
Once upon a time, there was a man called Bulpitt.
Bulpitt was worried that some of his friends were
not looking after themselves. They were poorly, but
they didn't look poorly or feel poorly.…read more

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Bulpitt was worried because his friends had high
blood pressure
The problem was the tablets that made
his friends better, also made them
impotent…read more

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Bulpitt thought that between 8 and 15 per cent of
his friends had stopped taking their medication
Bulpitt realised that they knew what they were
doing but they had chosen to stop taking their
medication. He called this rational non-
adherence.…read more

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Measuring Non-adherence
Bulpitt realised that he needed
the help of his friend Barat.
Adherence is difficult to measure because
`adherence' itself is subjective. What does it really
mean, and is it different for
everyone?…read more

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Barat gathered some information
from GPs and from patients.
There seemed to
be lots of
and confusion
concerning drug
treatments…read more

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Kiwiii xo


This story of adherence is soo fun, it actually makes the studies easier to remember!

Plus the baby at the end looks like my sister!

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