Healthy Living - Adherence to Medical Regimes - Evaluation (1)

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Adherence to Medical Regimes - Evaluation (1)


Remember we are looking at this study from the perspective of measuring adherence, so… Used a physiological measure (blood sugar levels) which means that participants couldn’t lie about their adherence.

Limited generalisability, as can only be applied to measuring adherence in diabetic patients. This method doesn’t allow the doctors to find out the reasons why the patients didn’t adhere to the medical advice.


Design - Took place in the children’s natural setting so has high ecological validity.

Sample - Only applies to asthmatic children. We cannot say that making medication fun would work for other populations or for other illnesses/types of medication.

Method - Self reports from the mothers means a possibly lower experimental validity as they may not have told the truth.

Demand Characteristics - The mothers knew the aims of the study, so may have been appeasing the researchers.

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