Measuring Adherence- Lustman

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To assess the efficacy of the anti-depressant Fluoxetine by measuring glycaemic control
METHOD: A randomised controlled double-blind study
PPs: 60 patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes and diagnosed with depression (Volunteer Sample)
Patients randomly assigned to the Fluoxetine or placebo group. Patients were assessed for depression using
psychometric tests and their adherence to their medical regimen was measured by measuring their GHb (Blood
sugar) levels which indicated their level of glycaemic control
Patients given Fluoxetine reported lower levels of depression
They also had lower levels of GHb which indicated their improved adherence and monitored their blood glucose
levels more regularly
Measuring GHb in patients with diabetes indicated their level of adherence to prescribed medical regimes. Greater
adherence was shown by patients who were less depressed, and previous research has suggested that reducing
depression may improve adherence in diabetic patients.


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