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The Skeletal and Muscular Systems…read more

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The Parts of the human
Skull: Houses the brain and eyes.
Collarbone: Connects to the shoulder.
Shoulder blade: Connects to the ribs.
Ribs: Protects and supports the lungs.
Vertebra of Spine: Supports the spine.
Pelvis: Hips and Waist.
Femur: Thigh
Tibia: Front shin-bone.
Fibula: Rear shin-bone.
Humerus: Upper arm bone.
Radius: Forearm bone.
Ulna: Thinner forearm bone.…read more

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The Functions of the
The skeleton provides animals with support.
The skeleton provides animals with a rigid base,
against which, muscles can pull.
The skeleton provides protection for our primary
organs, like our brain and our lungs.
The skeleton houses the central nervous system.…read more

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Types of Joints
Joints are connections where bones meet together.
These are commonly held together by ligaments and
protected by cartilage. They are lubricated by Synovial
Fixed or Fused Joints: Don't allow movement. These are
found in our skull.
Ball-and-Socket Joints: Allow movement in all directions.
These are found in our shoulders and our hips.
Hinge Joints: These only allow movement in one
direction. These are found in our elbows and our knees.
Freely moving joints often have cartilage covering the
ends of the bones, for protection. They produce a
lubricating liquid called Synovial Fluid. They are also
called Synovial Joints.…read more

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Cartilage, tendons and
Cartilage: Cartilage covers and protects the ends of
Tendons: Tendons connect muscle to bone.
Ligaments: Ligaments connect bones together.
****IMPORTANTS***…read more

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Muscles are made of protein.
Muscles can only contract (i.e. can only make
themselves shorter)
Muscles work in opposite pairs called antagonistic
pairs (one muscle opens the joint and the other
muscle closes the joint)…read more




Brilliant! Very informative!

lisa linsdell


A good basic PP presentation for revision of the skeletal system and muscles

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