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Outline the main features of Christian and Secular views on the
issue of Contraception (35)

Contraception is the term used to describe any means to preventing conception. There are
various methods of contraception. Barrier methods (such as condoms) are used during
intercourse and other methods such as the birth control…

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contraception was a violation of the "law of God and nature" and its use is "a deed which is
shameful and intrinsically wrong". In 1958, the Church stated that it was only legitimate to
use the birth control pill for medical reasons and in 1968 banned all artificial methods of…

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are poverty-stricken. He believes that the promotion of contraception in places such as
Africa could have massive benefits in freeing women from the role of motherhood,
preventing massive overpopulation and preventing the spread of HIV. He says, "We can...
liberate women from a purely child-bearing role. We can also help…


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