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The presidency

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What kind of presidency did the founding fathers
President who would be head of state and govt.
Singular executive ­ all executive power invested in the
Truman "the buck stops here".
Indirectly elected president
By electors, however now the system has been adapted into direct
election ­ electoral college mechanism still exists.
Limited presidency
Checks and balances.
Created a leader not a ruler ­ someone who influences and
persuades not commands and wields power.…read more

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Principle powers of the president.
Propose legislation:
Through state of the union address, or at any other time through
press conference and public event.
Submit annual budget.
Sign legislation:
Sign if he agrees and wishes to take credit.
Veto legislation:
Can be overridden by congress (requires 2/3 majority in each
Pocket veto at the end of legislative session ­ cannot be overridden.…read more

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Principle powers of the president.
Act as chief executive.
Nominate executive branch officials:
Confirmed by majority in Senate.
Nominate all federal judges:
Confirmed by majority in Senate.
Act as commander in chief:
Important during war. Waned in importance throughout 90's but
increased in significance post 9/11.
Congress has sole right to declare war ­ however not used since 1941.
Congress has the power of the purse.…read more

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Congress and declaring war.
President now asks Congress to `authorise' his
Passed Gulf of Tonkin resolution in 1964 giving
Johnson permission to use `all necessary measures'
in Vietnam.
Same for 1991 and 2002 use of troops in Kuwait and Iraq.…read more

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Principle powers of the president.
Negotiate treaties:
Olive branch ­ Peace making role.
Panama canal treaty (Carter). Chemical weapons ban (Bush).
Senate ratifies treaties by 2/3 majority.
· However president increasingly bypasses congress by creating
executive agreements.
Pardon.…read more

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