The Powers of the Prime Minister

Here is a sample essay for a common exam question about the powers of the Prime Minister.

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Government and Politics
"The powers of the Prime Minister are considerable" discuss.
The Prime Minister is the most powerful politician in the country. Many
may claim that his powers are "considerable". The Prime Minister's role
shows great responsibilities in his work. There are many aspects to his job
that shows substantial amount of power and authority he has over the
A reason why the powers of the Prime Minister are considerable is that he
represents internationally. This can be seen when Tony Blair in 1995, went
to Singapore to the International Olympic City's (I.O.C.) to try and bring
the 2012 Olympics to London. This was a success and helped build a
strong legacy for Blair. Blair represented the United Kingdom
internationally as he proved the Britain was capable to hold an event that
will go down in the country's legacy. Representing internationally shows
the national leadership of the prime minister. The Prime Minister also
represents Britain during summit conferences with European leaders and
the US President. This helps build a strong alliance with other countries
for aid if the country is in a crisis, for example financially or in war. This
is just one of the many powers of the Prime Minister and shows that his
powers are "considerable".
Another reason why the powers of the Prime Minister are considerable is
the role of the Cabinet. The Cabinet is the group of the most senior
ministers who are chosen by the Prime Minister. They make all decision
on behalf of the government. A Political Scientist, Professor John
Mackintosh (1977) noted the supreme power of the Prime Minister, with
the Cabinet becoming "a clearing house and court of appeal". This shows
that one of the reasons why the Prime Minister is powerful is because of
the aid that is provided from the Cabinet. The Cabinet is there to provide
support on issues. An example that refers to the role of the cabinet is
under Tony Blair's leadership. He appointed Gordon Brown as the
Chancellor of the Exchequer, David Blunkett as Home Secretary, and
Estelle Murray as the head of education. This power of appointing
members of his cabinet is showing why the powers of the Prime Minister
are considerable.
An additional reason why the powers of the Prime Minister are
considerable in his relationship with parliament, the media and
international organisations. A Prime Minister has to have a good
relationship with Parliament. It is the duty of the Prime Minister to keep
members of parliament on side and pass the Bills and Legislations that

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Government and Politics
was promised to be passed when the Prime Minister is elected. The Prime
Minster must also try and keep a good relationship with the media as to
try and sell stories they tend to sensationalise on certain things that was
said and done. A good relationship must also be maintained with
international organisations, as the Prime Minister is there to represent
internationally. There is also a risk of the media discovering "scandals"
with members in the political system.…read more

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Government and Politics
Cabinet, royal prerogative, general elections, and representing
internationally all show the ways that the Prime Minister is able to show
that his powers are considerable. However, many may argue that the
Prime Minister is becoming too powerful and the government is
becoming presidential. On some occasions, parties are being identified by
the leaders rather than the policies they represent.…read more


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