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Prime minister and Cabinet

What is the nature of the cabinet?
It is made up of 20-25 MPs or Peers from the governing party/parties
Normally a single party wins a majority in the Commons and so the cabinet is just
made up of members of that party; however 2010 was…

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Ministers preside of the drafting of legislation and are responsible for managing
proposed legislation through Parliament.
Ministers are assisted by large numbers of neutral civil servants and private advisers.

What is the prime minister?
The most senior minister in the government
The prime minister derives their power from the monarch;…

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The prime minister had to divide the cabinet seats by the 2 parties in power.
The prime minister had to negotiate policy with his coalition partner- Nick Clegg
Collective responsibility comes under stress because the government is made up of
two competing parties.
Some policies could not be agreed by…

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In a coalition government, the prime minister must take into account of the views
and demands of their coalition partner. David Cameron 2010 onwards

Prime Ministerial Leadership...
It is acknowledged that prime ministers normally dominate the cabinet. This is
achieved by the `power of patronage' the prime minister is able…

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Factors= 1. Which individuals should be brought into the cabinet?
2. What should be the political `balance' of the cabinet?
Individual considerations...
1. A close ally of the prime minister, has an advantage as they can be relied upon to
stay loyal to the leader, such as George Osborne for…

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Is the Prime Minister now effectively a president?
Yes No
Prerogative powers are extremely important, The prime minister is not head of state and
especially when concerning foreign relations and therefore cannot claim to speak for the nation as
military matters. Therefore the prime ministers a whole.
role as commander…

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He didn't have a strong parliamentary majority and so his mandate was weak.
He had little of an international profile
Tony Blair 1997-2007
He led a new political movement- New Labour
He built up a large policy-making machine that reported directly to him.
He committed the armed forces to four…


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