The New Deal - Acts and dates

All what is needed for AQA GCSE History B about the New Deal, with dates and brief summaries

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Banking Crisis
1933 ­ banks closed + investors withdrawing savings
Restored confidence in banks
Only sounder banks were allowed to reopen
Government put a guarantee on all money up to $2,500, covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
May 1933
Paid farmers to produce less
Killed 6 million piglets ­ lots of criticism
Then used to feed the unemployed
Overall led to better standard of living for farmers
1932-35 income rose from $4.5 billion to $6.9
Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)
May 1933
$500 million to be divided equally among the states
Harry Hopkins was in charge
However state governments did not want to use the money on the poor
Only gave states $250 million, the other half was conditional
Disappointing in the end
Civil Works Administration (CWA)
November 1933
Winter of 33-34
Provided work on public projects for 4 million
Closed down
FERA agreed to follow this up
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
March 1933
Men aged 17-24 (later 28)
Work in public areas
Set up for 2 years, but extended throughout the 30s
3 million young people were involved
Benefitted from experience
Criticised for focusing on mainly white men
National Recovery Administration (NRA)
June 1933
To improve working conditions and outlaw child labour
557 codes drawn up
Many criticisms
Supreme Court declared it unlawful
Public Works Administration (PWA)
June 1933

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