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The Nervous System

Made up of two components the

Central Nervous System- the brain and the spinal cord.

Peripheral Nervous System which is made up of

i. Afferent nerves (Sensory)- carry signals to the
ii. Efferent nerves (motor) carry signals away from
the CNS.
I. Somatic Nervous System (voluntary)-…

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Glossopharyngeal- tongue and pharynx
Vagus- lungs and abdominal organs
Accessory-movement of the head and neck

Reflex Arc

Receptor- A
Sensory Neuron-B
Intergration Centre-C
Motor Neuron- D
Effector- E

Neuron Classification

I. Unipolar- one process extending from the cell body.
II. Bi-polar- axon and dendrite extend from opposite sides of…


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