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Here is a the manhunt analysis from the AQA english literature relationship cluster

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Stage 1:
Poem: The Manhunt
Subject: The poem explores the physical and mental effects of living with injuries sustained when
on active service in the armed forces. Love's reaction to war and how she is trying to fix
him but also how she lost him.
Themes: Love [a marriage- the struggle], war and its effects but also trying to find someone
Messages: No matter how scarred someone is (mentally or physically) you can always try to fix them
but sometimes they won't fix and you just have to accept it and continue with life as
though it is normal even though it isn't .
Marriage is a journey like most relationships they are some ups and some downs. This
poem illustrates a marriage that has had its problems but it is strong enough to fight it
and help each other.
Stage 2:
Poem: The Manhunt
Emotions, Patience-from her sensitive approach to her husband and his injuries not only helping him
Moods, deal with injuries but helping him open up after all of it.
Feelings: The reader understands the relationship between a husband and his wife usually that
needs a lot of patience but his wife has more patience because she is coping with his
injuries and him "locking himself away."
Pain-from the poet's description it helps portray the man's experience and all of the things
that happened to him he is obviously going to be hurt but he is also mentally scarred from
his experiences and using the language techniques helps the reader understand all the
pain he has went through.
Caring- his wife is very understanding about her husband's illness and she doesn't force
him to tell her what happened, she is very understanding and is very sensitive to her
approach to her wounded husband.
Stage 3:
Poem: The Manhunt
What Imagery *the main one *:
techniques "Feel the hurt of his grazed heart"
are used The bullet has grazed his heart and it has hurt him emotionally and she's trying to emphasise with him
And what to feel him.
effect do
they "The foetus of metal beneath his chest"
Have on the A 'foetus' is supposed to grow and if the metal is shrapnel and it moved much like a foetus then it
reader: would kill him at any moment.
Bethany Cunningham The Manhunt

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Yet an ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATION is the emotions are locked away under his chest and he can't feel
love anymore because he is in that much pain both mentally and physically. Possibly the foetus is the
increased amount of pain he feels.
"Then and only then, did I come close"
She came 'close' to her husband but she pauses at the comma to actually admit defeat.…read more

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Verbs- throughout the poem on each stanza they has been two verbs on the first line to emphasise
that it is still an active process. Also the words stress the carefulness and the delicateness which
suggests the way in which she cares for him - both physically and emotionally.
E.g. "and mind and attend"
Structure-the poem is divided into separate couplet long stanzas which emphasises how this describes
a slow and step-by-step process.…read more

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The Manhunt' contrasts with 'In Paris With You' because of the relationships they both deal with relationships that
are/have been struggling yet the contrast is the way the two poems react to a difficult part in a relationship: either
the end of a relationship or being a wife to someone who needs you most. The main contrast is the feelings and
attitudes because the states of the relationships emphasise the love between each couple.…read more



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