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Poem: The Manhunt
Subject: The poem explores the physical and mental effects of living with injuries sustained when
on active service in the armed forces. Love's reaction to war and how she is trying to fix
him but also how she lost him.
Themes: Love [a marriage- the…

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Yet an ALTERNATIVE EXPLANATION is the emotions are locked away under his chest and he can't feel
love anymore because he is in that much pain both mentally and physically. Possibly the foetus is the
increased amount of pain he feels.

"Then and only then, did I come close"

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Verbs- throughout the poem on each stanza they has been two verbs on the first line to emphasise
that it is still an active process. Also the words stress the carefulness and the delicateness which
suggests the way in which she cares for him - both physically and emotionally.

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'The Manhunt' contrasts with 'In Paris With You' because of the relationships they both deal with relationships that
are/have been struggling yet the contrast is the way the two poems react to a difficult part in a relationship: either
the end of a relationship or being a wife to someone…




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