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Andreas Vesalius
The New Anatomy…read more

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Background Info
Vesalius was appointed the professor of
anatomy at Padua (the Great Italian Medical
University) at the age of 23.
He published a book in 1543: `On The Fabric Of
The Human Body'. The book was illustrated
with high quality pictures of the inside of the
human body. Vesalius showed that Galen had
made many mistakes in anatomy because he
did not use humans for his dissections.…read more

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Information on his book
Several Key ideas that were found in his
book on anatomy were:
· Anatomy professors must base their
work on dissection and must carry out
dissections for themselves.
· Evidence of the eye should be trusted
more than the information of old books
·The key to further increases in medical
knowledge was anatomy.
·The great doctors of the past made
many mistakes.…read more

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What did he do?
· He studied at the Louvain, Montpellier and Paris universities. As a
student he robbed the body of an executed criminal so he could study
it for himself.
· At the age of 23 he became a professor at the great Italian medical
university of Padua.
· During his lifetime he published some books which contained
pictures of the inside of the body. The Renaissance period was a time
where artists got dramatically better. As a result Vesalius took
advantage of this and most of the pictures were done by artists.
· As he continued his studies in Padua he carried out a lot more
dissections on humans. He then had his doubts about Galen's ideas.
· His book that he published corrected many of Galen's mistakes such
The Sternum has three not seven parts
The liver does not have five parts or `lobes'
The septum of the heart is not porous.…read more

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Because his books weren't handwritten more
were sold, so more doctors and people saw
them. This is because the publishing industry
developed their techniques so many more
books were produced.…read more

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Vesalius was
born in Brussels.
He worked for the rest of his
His real name His first book to be life as a personal doctor to the
was Andreas published. This was Emperor and then he was ship
van Wesele. based on Galen's wrecked and drowned during a
ideas. (this was pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
1514 1537 1538 1542 1564
He began to write his first
comprehensive book about
human anatomy. It was
He became a completed in 1542 but
professor the published in 1543. (This book
university of was correct compared to
Padua. Galen).…read more

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