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McCarthyism and the Red Scare

HUAC- questioned many people in search of soviet agents

Alger Hiss case ­ 1948, Hiss an adviser to President Roosevelt and worked with the UN was accused

He was found guilty of lying to the court (not spying) and was sent to prison for 5…

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Brown v Topeka & Brown v Board of Education

For every white child in a white school $150.00 is spent but for every black child in a black school only
$50.00 is spent. The case was lost at state level and the state referred to the Plessy v Ferguson case.…

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Black Panther for self-defence

Wanted full employment, good housing and adequate education (willing to use revolutionary
Prepared to use weapons
1969 -27 Black Panthers were killed 700 injured in clashes with police.

Other protest movements

Why did the student movement emerge?

Legacy of the 1960s
The swinging 60s

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"women who are competent, qualified and experienced are automatically given `female
"assumptions of male superiority are as widespread and deep rooted and every much as
crippling to the woman as the assumption of white supremacy are to the Negro"

1963 Equal Pay Act

It made the inequality pay check…


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