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McCarthyism and the Red Scare
HUAC- questioned many people in search of soviet agents
Alger Hiss case ­ 1948, Hiss an adviser to President Roosevelt and worked with the UN was accused
He was found guilty of lying to the court (not spying) and was sent to prison for 5 years
* 1949 ­ China became communist
Joseph McCarthy ­ "I have here in my hand a list of 205 made known to the secretary of state as
members of the Communist Party and who are still working and shaping policy in the State
The civil rights movement
NAACP- National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People
CORE ­Congress Of Racial Equality
SCLC- Southern Christian Leadership Conference
MLK was its first president
Aims of civil right movement:
To get black people registered to vote
To end s7egregation
To stop lynching
To gain equality and freedom for African American
The impact of WWII
It made more people agree to the civil rights movement
It made people realise toe achievement of African American soldiers (6,000 black officers)
The army was desegregated by presidential order
More black people began to join civil rights organisations
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Rosa Parks was prosecuted for not moving seats in a segregated bus for a white woman. The
boycott had a significant impact as it crippled the Montgomery Bus Firm financially. The Supreme
Court ruled segregation in buses unconstitutional
Using the law
On May 1954 all school segregation was declared unconstitutional. Before this "separate but equal"
was accepted (Plessy v Ferguson). The ruling had to be done "with all deliberate speed" but a
deadline not being set weakened the force of law.

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Brown v Topeka & Brown v Board of Education
For every white child in a white school $150.00 is spent but for every black child in a black school only
$50.00 is spent. The case was lost at state level and the state referred to the Plessy v Ferguson case.
In May 15, 1954 the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Linda Brown and other black Americans.…read more

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Black Panther for self-defence
Wanted full employment, good housing and adequate education (willing to use revolutionary
Prepared to use weapons
1969 -27 Black Panthers were killed 700 injured in clashes with police.…read more

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1963 Equal Pay Act
It made the inequality pay check illegal
It didn't abolish discrimination
Was unclear how "same job" was defined
1964 Civil Right Act
It made it illegal for employers to discriminate on sexual grounds
It allowed that religious and sexual discrimination was allowed if employers proved it was
necessary for a particular job
Passing the law was not enough to change attitudes and behaviour.…read more


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