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"The Kite Runner" analysis of chapter 9:
Starts chapter with Amir waking up and "ripped" open presents for their birthday ­
seems quite ungrateful when he receives all these expensive presents, including a
Polaroid camera and transistor radio as he says "I don't know why I even
bothered.....gave them a…

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"Then how could he just forgive Hassan? And if Baba could forgive that, then why
couldn't he forgive me for not being the son he'd always wanted? Why" Amir feels
as though Baba finds him a disappointment and queries why he has forgiven Hassan
for supposedly committing an unforgivable sin,…

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their luggage (which was only one suitcase). Amir chose to throw them onto a pile,
as he didn't want them felt like they were purchased with "blood money"
"Slithering beads of rain sluiced down my window" the word `slithering' conjures
exotic middleeastern images of snakes etc detailed description of the…


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