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Much of this chapter is set at the flea market and it shows the Afghan
immigrants have set up a small version of their society in America. We
are told Taheri is "Pashtun to the root" and that protocol surrounding
women in Pashtun society must be followed so as not to disgrace
Pashtun men.
Note that Soraya's loss of virginity has destroyed her chances at a
respectable marriage.
Baba has cancer and it is terminal and although he is very ill he helps to
arrange Amir's marriage to Soraya.…read more

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Favourite line in the chapter
"I want to tell you something... i don't want us to start with secrets..."
Soraya wanted to have her affair with the man out in the open because
she felt Amir had the right to know before they are married.
This gives a sense of Soraya being completely opposite to Amir as he
continues to live with the harsh memories of Hassan from the past not
daring to speak about it openly to anyone and to add on the wounds
Baba's cancer that he has been told to not to speak to anyone about, in a
way starts to consume him whereas Soraya is has that courage to speak
out in the open about her affair and the loss of virginity, hence I can see
Amir envying Soraya for her courage and its one of the way that she is
better than him.…read more

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Most of chapter is placed at a flea market where second
hand or worn out goods are sold much like a car boot
Serene San Francisco is juxtaposed to the tumultuous
landscape of Afghanistan. While beautiful, sweeping
landscapes are the centrepiece of the shots set in San
Francisco, Afghanistan becomes a portrait of the
desolation brought upon a country.…read more

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The over-riding theme of guilt runs through the novel and this can
also be seen in chapter 12 where Soraya opens up to Amir and
confesses about her affair with another man.
This reminds Amir of the guilt he has been carrying with him since
he was 12, and yet he does not have the guts to open about the rape
of Hassan.
However, this guilt which has been portrayed throughout the novel
in a way foreshadows the redemption in the further chapters as till
now all Amir seeks to do is to stay quiet and let time heal over the
wounds. Simply put he is being portrayed as a coward.…read more

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The different events of the chapter revolves around one focus: Amir
becoming a man as he looks forward to his marriage with his love
Embracing independence and adulthood also requires him letting go
of his childhood dependence on Baba.
Despite Amir's growth into an adult, one part of his childhood he
does not let go of. He still feels guilty about Hassan.
Amir feels that, until he is able to atone for his treatment of Hassan,
it will continue to haunt him.…read more


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