The Kite Runner - Narrative Techniques

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The Kite Runner ­ Narrative Techniques
Amir ­ A reliable Narrator?
Writing in adulthood about childhood ­ Admits "Memory was hazy" Pg 76
Only get Amir's viewpoint ­ No one else ­ apart from letters ­ We can escape this
Only a child ­ Immature ­ Doesn't understand events going on
Doesn't like himself ­ Emphasis on what he has done wrong ­ Wants people to dislike him ­ Picks
out examples of the bad things he has done ­ Doesn't look at the good things ­ Describes himself as
a monster
Amir had a `sheltered childhood'
Such a deep event = Deep understanding?
Amir can only see it from his `inside' perspective ­ Cant see what others see
Creates suspense ­ `Hook' to keep reader going
Used lots up until the rape ­ Not used much after rape
Book is structured ­ chapters before rape look forward to the rape (build tension) ­ Chapters after
the rape look back on it (Emphasis on how Amir's life has now change before of it ­ very important
and dramatic event ­ Hosseini wants us to understand this is why Amir is what he is now ­ Key
turning point in his life)
Foreshadow Look Back
Before Rape After Rape
The Rape ­ Epicentre of Book:
Narrative breaks up just before rape and during ­ "a memory" "a memory" "a dream" ­ breaking
down of Amir's consciousness and understanding
Book is not longer chronological after rape ­ Narrator jumps around from place to place and time
to time (FIND EXAMPLE) ­ Breaking down of Amir's consciousness and understanding
Winter normally fun (kids off school in Afghanistan) ­ After rape ­ Winter is when bad things

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Indirect reference right at start of book ­ "I became what I am today at the age of twelve on a frigid
overcast day in the winter of 1975" ­ Shapes the whole book
"Frigid overcast day" = Pathetic Fallacy ­ Used throughout book
Afghanistan is `metaphorically' raped by the Taliban
Ending ­ "I ran" ­ he has been running away from the past for the whole novel
He is running after a kite, He has a cleft lip ­ Turning into Hassan ­…read more

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The Pomegranate Tree (Page 24):
Recurring images of "red" blood ­ near white walls ­ Powerful contrast
Tree = symbolise their companionship ­ carve names into it
Amir wants control over Hassan
Winter in Kabul (Page 42):
"Winter" ­ Minor sentence ­ cold, stillness
Snow represents purity ­ the blood stains this purity (Hassan was pure) ­ Hassan has been stained
by his experience and Amir has been stained as well
Pathetic Fallacy ­ Winter
The Opening (Page 1):
Pathetic Fallacy ­ Clouds of guilt…read more

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Page 67:
Symbolic ­ Hassan is a sheep ­ Amir is forcing himself to watch
Page 258:
Symbolism ­ Amir has changed ­ defeated the bear now ­ wrestling with his conscience and guilt?
Soraya ­ Impact on Amir's change of language
Language changes to Poetic, Feminine and Romantic
"Birthmark" "Gently hooked nose" ­ Describes her defects positively
Get impression that he genuinely loves her
Amir and Soraya can't have children ­ Hosseini showing us Amir hasn't grown up yet ­ When he
does…read more

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Character Analysis:
Rahim Khan:
Begins redemption for Amir ­ tells him about Sohrab
Only other character to narrate
Catalyst for truth
Believes and loves Amir ­ Supports his writing
Catalyst for Amir's redemption
Demonstrates Amir's change of perception ­ called him a Hazara at first ­ at the end had a go at
General T for calling him that
Reflection on childhood catalyst ­ Face up to facts
First time that Amir didn't run
Deeply affected by what has happened to him ­ Represents…read more

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Corrupt ­ Doesn't follow Taliban rules ­ Gets Sohrab to dance to music, wears John Lennon
(western) glasses, rapes children ­ The Taliban didn't allow any of this
Key Terms:
Nostalgia ­ Amir wants to change the fact that he didn't do anything
Empathy ­ We all experience change etc.…read more


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