The History Boys Scenes

These are a single line description of what is happening in each scene.

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Alan Bennett, The History
Boys, Scenes in Act 1
page numbers refer to the
Faber&Faber paperback
Act I, Scene 1 Irwin, years later p. 1
Act I, Scene 2 A Waste of Time p. 17
Act I, Scene 3 The headmaster's ambitions p. 810
Act I, Scene 4 Irwin p. 1012
Act I, Scene 5 Maison de passe p. 1217
Act I, Scene 6 Irwin's first lesson p. 1819
Act I, Scene 7 In the staff room p. 2223
Act I, Scene 8 World War I, revisited p. 2329
Act I, Scene 9 Poetry is the trailer p. 2932
Act I, Scene 10 Rudge p. 3334
Act I, Scene 11 Giving Irwin a hard time p. 3441
Act I, Scene 12 Nicknames and confidences p. 4144
Act I, Scene 13 Consolations p. 4447
Act I, Scene 14 Gobbets p. 4849
Act I, Scene 15 Discussing the boys p. 4950
Act I, Scene 16 Hector is found out p. 5053
Act I, Scene 17 Drummer Hodge p. 5357
Alan Bennett, The History
Boys, Scenes in Act 2
page numbers refer to the
Faber&Faber paperback
Act II, Scene 1 Stalking Irwin p. 5863
Act II, Scene 2 Old man in a dry season p. 6367
Act II, Scene 3 Mrs Lintott learns all p. 6769
Act II, Scene 4 The Holocaust lesson p. 7077
Act II, Scene 5 Posner's parents p. 7779
Act II, Scene 6 Dakin p. 7981
Act II, Scene 7 Mock interviews p. 8287 (...all this shit.)
Act II, Scene 8 Subjunctive history p. 8891
Act II, Scene 9 Class photograph p. 9192
Act II, Scene 10 Teacher talk p. 9396
Act II, Scene 11 Oxbridge reports p. 96
Act II, Scene 12 Celebration p. 9798
Act II, Scene 13 Dakin's proposition p. 98102
Act II, Scene 14 Rewards p. 102105
Act II, Scene 15 Accident p. 105106

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