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  •  A fallen women in society 
  • Fortune and estate has gone 
  • Young husband lost to suicide 
  • Drinking probelm - kept on the sly 
  • Insecure (age) and dislocated (not comftable in the enviorment) -page 7 
  • aging - panic of fading beauty - page 45 
  • Her manner is dainty and frail 
  • Pretends to be a women who has never know indiginty - snobbery, making herself more attractive to male suitors- page 47 
  • self estem depends on male sexual admiriation 
  • By marrying Mitch she thinks she can escape her poor repuation and her proverty 
  • Disaloous herself that Shep will resuce her - She has no realistic possiblity of future happiness 
  • Mitch is her only way out page 73
  • Blanche trys to sheild hersef from the truth of her situtation - drink 
  • Whole play about Blanche's crumbling self image and sanity 
  • At the end we see the sad image of Blance's vianty and total depence on men for happiness page 88-89 


  • Start of play - Loyal to friends and passionate to wife - things are never as the seem 
  • Animalistic physcail features 
  • Loves work, fighting and sex page 13 
  • outraged - use of derogatory terms 
  • repersents new, heterogeneous America 
  • Sees himself as a social leveler secen 8 
  • Hate for Blanche is motivated by the aristocratic past Blance represents page 65 
  • sees Blance as untrustworhty 
  • Doesnt like that Blanche tries to fool him and his friends that she is better than them 
  • He animosity towards Blance is should through actions (dymanic verbs) - Invesigates her past, Birthday present to her and sabotage of her and Mitch's relationship 
  • End of play - we see Stanely as brutish, harmful and crude ( villan ) 
  • Likes gumbling, blowing, sex and drinking 
  • Lacks ideas and imagination ( Blanche as too much of) page 68 
  • Disturbing and degemate…




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